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Branson Missouri
September 26-30, 2016

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Mediterranean Cruise - August/September 2012

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Travel Club Planning Committee

Co-presidents: Doris Davidoff & Paul Mendelsohn
Treasurer: Francine Gitto
Members at Large: Sue Horowitz, Linda Kessler, Jack Moss, and Ellie Rogg

The Majestic Isles Travel Club has been formed to do the following:

Plan and operate a variety of trips for members
            One-day excursions
            Trips of varying lengths from 1 or 2 nights to longer ones

Provide an opportunity for members who want to travel on other trips on their own to find roommates or other people who would like to travel with them.

Provide an opportunity to share stories, videos and pictures of recent (or even long-ago) trips. These presentations need to be kept short. Such presentations are not limited to Travel Club official trips; members may present photos or videos of other interesting trips they have enjoyed.

Provide information from
            Outside experts
            Movies and/or videos

Nothing is out of consideration - the more variety we have, the better

Majestic Isles Travel Club Club Policies

Following are the policies determined by the founding Planning Committee for the Majestic Isles Travel Club. The founding Planning Committee is:

 1.  These will be in place for the first year and re-evaluated each year by the Planning Committee at that time.

2.   Any Majestic Isles resident can be a member.

3.   Club trips are open to friends and relatives of any member who is also participating in the trip.

4.   Reservations will be made on a first-come, first-served (including any friends and relatives)

5.   If a trip has reached its maximum capacity, a waiting list will be created, pending cancellations and/or expansion of the maximum number.

6.   Each trip will be planned by a volunteer committee of 2 – 4 people, who will present it to the Planning Committee for final approval.

7.   No person, other than a third party who is not a resident of Majestic Isles, may earn any compensation, including reduced price, for any Travel Club trip

8.   Elections will be held annually in December with either 3 or 4 available slots each year. The founding Planning Committee will serve until January 1, 2012. Names for three of the current Planning Board members will be drawn at random to determine the slots to be filled at the December 2011 election.

9.   The Travel Club will meet monthly.

10. Personal vacation trip presentations (such as video, slide show, talk, etc.) will be limited to 10 minutes.

11.  Everyone is expected to be on time on all Majestic Isles Travel Club trips.

12.  On all Majestic Isles Travel Club trips, people are expected to be considerate to their traveling companions. This includes, but is not limited to, not using cell phone on the motorcoach or during Club activities unless it is a “real” emergency. It will be OK to call whoever is picking you up when we are within a half-hour of home to give them an estimated time of arrival.

13. [added August 2011] Since gratuities are included in the price for all Travel Club trips, no solicitation of additional tips is allowed from group participants. If someone wants to give an additional tip to a driver or guide, they may do so, but no one can request it of other group participants.

14. [added February 2013] On motorcoach trips, the seat you take will remain your seat for the entire trip. If there are empty seats on the coash, you are welcome to move around, but not to take a seat already taken by someonelse. This way, it is easy to leave something on the coach if you wish.








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