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Majestic Isles
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Resident Information

When You Plan To Be Away For A Lengthy Visit
Residents leaving the Isles for more than a few days should fill out a house check form.  Otherwise, C.O.P. cannot go on property for a security check.

Clubhouse Rules
Everyone should have received the "Rules and Regulations of the Clubhouse." If you do not have a copy, please see Bonnie.  Everyone should familiarize themselves with this publication.

Our clubhouse is for the use and pleasure of all residents.  Please be considerate and take care of the clubhouse as if it was an extension of your own living room.  Your adherence to the rules will make life more pleasant for all residents--your cooperation will be appreciated by all.

New Residents
If you have not been visited by the Majestic Isles Welcome Committee, PLEASE CALL:
Sandy Levine 739-9544

Hurricane Preparation and Survival Guide
Hurricane Season June through November

What To Do In Advance of the Hurricane Season

  • Have non-perishable food and water supplies for at least one week.

  • Know the location of your utility main shut-off switches and valves.

  • Register with emergency management agency. (561-233-3500) if you are handicapped or otherwise require special assistance.

When A Hurricane Watch Is Issued

  • Monitor television advisories.

  • Have adequate cash on hand until power and phone service is restored.

  • Fill all your vehicles with fuel.

  • Check that all your battery-operated TVs, radios and flashlights are in good working order.

  • Prepare to cover all window and door openings with shutters or other shielding material.

  • Check prescription medicines and have at least a two-week supply.

When A Hurricane Warning Is Issued

Outside Your Home

  • Bring in any outdoor objects that could be blown away.  This includes potted plants, barbecue grills and furniture.

  • Make sure all window and door openings are covered.  If you don't have shutters, use masking tape in an "X" pattern on all windows.

Inside Your Home

  • Turn your refrigerator and freezer to the coldest settings.

  • Fill your tub with water for sanitary and bathing purposes.

  • Close all doors inside your home.

  • Consider turning off circuit breakers.  Power surges and spikes can damage electronic equipment and appliances.

  • Leave on your refrigerator and freezer.

After the Storm

  • Neighbors helping neighbors.  Take a look around you.  Do you have a neighbor you think may need help?  Verify their well being.

Sprinklers are still an ongoing problem for several reasons, including dirty sprinkler heads and improper piping connections and layouts.  We are looking into an engineering service to come in and check out our irrigation system.  In the interim, request Prime Management to unclog restricted heads and to cut out the grass around the sprinkler head.



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